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Complete Ballroom Dance

At last, an album that gives you an entire ballroom dance party without stepping off the floor to change CDs! From swing to samba, waltz to West Coast, John Skinner’s Band plays an exciting range of tempos for the complete dance party. Good for beginners or pro dancers.

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Second Complete Ballroom Dance

Another John Skinner CD containing 74-minutes of mixed tempos for ballroom dancers. It allows dancers to orchestrate a full ballroom event without leaving the floor to change CDs. The 24 tunes are ideal for beginning or professional dancers.

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Big Band Ballroom Dance

By popular demand…a John Skinner Big Band album to give an entire dance party without changing CDs! From swing to tango, waltz to West Coast and cha cha…John Skinner’s Fabulous Big Band plays an exciting range of tempos for this third Skinner Ballroom album.

Perfect for dancers, from beginners to pros. Recorded live, by top professional musicians who really know how to dance.

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